1933 Norton International 490cc Model 30

  • 1933 Norton International 490cc Model 30
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  • Fully rebuilt by Sam Lovegrove
  • Lovely early example
  • Excellent rider


Since Norton won the inaugural Isle of Man TT in 1907, this famous manufacturer has been associated with speed and racing; during these early years the ‘International’ name was used for its top-of-the-range sports roadster. The International was designed by the legendary Arthur Carroll in the works racing department and it was initially produced just for racing, which it did for 2 years before it became available to the public in 1932, either in full race trim or as road-going bike with such luxuries as a headlight and kick start.

It retained Norton’s famous 490cc displacement with its 79x100mm bore/stroke dimensions that had come from the Model 18 and CS1 but Carroll’s new bevel driven overhead camshaft design was a huge improvement over its predecessors. This design was both exceptionally fast but also incredibly reliable and it went on to dominate the Isle of Man TT throughout the 1930s and changed very little as it developed into the Manx Model of the 1960s! Few motorcycles have had such a profound and extended effect on the history of the motorcycle as the Norton International.

The International also set a number of world speed records in 1935 when the Works rider Jimmie Guthrie rode one at Montlhery. He set a new one-hour world record at a speed of 114.09 mph as well as a new 50 mile, 50 km, 100 mile and 100km records!

This Motorcycle

We are delighted to offer this fabulous, early example of Norton’s flagship model. This 1932 Norton International M30 retains its original frame, engine and gearbox and has benefited from being the personal bike of renowned motorcycle restorer Sam Lovegrove.  Sam restored the bike and used regularly for long trip and it remains in lovely condition and rides superbly, as you would imagine. The bike is nice and oily as a used one should be and the general condition is excellent. It starts easily, rides very well and is amazingly quick for a bike of this period – I know this sounds stupid given its racing pedigree but they really are fabulous to ride.

This Norton International is now available for sale and immediate inspection at the Classic Motor Hub

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