SOLD – 1955 Vespa 125n Motovespa with Sidecar

  • 1955 Vespa 125n Motovespa
  • Incredibly rare example with factory sidecar
  • Mechanically recommissioned by marque specialist
  • Cosmetically very original with lovely patina
  • Built under license in Spain and there until 2018

model history

After the Second World War, Italy’s industrial facilities were mostly destroyed or severely damaged by years of Allied bombing. The economy was in a similar state and the need to inexpensive, accessible and utilitarian transport had never been greater. On the car front, the likes of the Fiat 500 was paving the way but cars were still too expensive for most people. To fill this void, Piaggio came up with a design for a new type of motorcycle that was easy to ride and had encasing bodywork to protect the rider from the usual dirt and grease associated with motorcycles of the time. The first design prototype was a failure so aeronautical engineer, Corradino D’Ascanio, was brought in and the result was the MP6 design. When Enrico Piaggio saw it for the first time he said: “Sembra una vespa!” (It looks like a wasp) and so the Vespa was born.

The first examples rolled of the production line in 1946, powered by a 98cc engine that drove the rear wheel directly through the transmission. Despite countless evolutions and new models, the Vespa is still in production today and is recognised as one of the most stylish and iconic two-wheeled machines every created. Popularity was such that huge numbers were made, under license, in a number of countries including  Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium and Spain.

This Motorcycle

The Vespa 125n Motovespa for sale at The Classic Motor Hub was built in 1955 under license in Madrid, Spain. Although not unheard of, a very small number of Vespas were built with a sidecar attached. These models are extremely rare and hugely collectible, especially early examples from the 1950’s. They are so rare that when this particular example was collected from Spain in 2018, where it had spent all of its life, and shipped to a UK marque specialist for mechanical work, the specialist was described as doing cartwheels around the workshop he was so excited to see such an early sidecar example.

Having gone through the scooters mechanical aspects, including an engine rebuilt, the owner has now decided to part with this wonderful little Vespa on account of some business opportunities abroad.

Presented today in what we understand to be wonderful original condition, this rare Vespa 125n Motovespa for sale at The Classic Motor Hub offers its next owner a unique opportunity to acquire one of the most iconic scooters in history, in probably its rarest specification, with a factory sidecar from new.

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