• 1958 Moto Guzzi Falcone
  • Moto Guzzi’s flagship model of the period
  • Stunning paint and patina
  • Genuinely quick and fun bike
  • Recent mechanical work

After the war Moto Guzzi re-commenced production  with a range of updated pre-war designs, such as the 500cc touring GTV and sportier GTW.  These bikes were given upgrades to keep them current such as telescopic front forks and hydraulic rear suspension before being replaced in 1949 by the Astore.

The Astore had several features pioneered on the hugely successful 250cc Airone, principally an aluminium-alloy cylinder barrel and ‘head and enclosed valve gear, and remained in production until 1953. By then the ultimate expression of Guzzi’s classic, vintage-style single had arrived: the legendary Falcone. Introduced in 1950, the Falcone took over the GTW’s mantle of Guzzi’s top sports roadster, its tuneable engine being closely related to that of the Dondolino racer. Offered in Sport, Turismo, and military/police specifications, the Falcone outlived all its fellows; the Turismo civilian version remaining in production until 1963 when it was replaced by the all-new Falcone Nuovo.

The bike we offer here comes from a European collection where it has had a recent mechanical check through. It presents very well and has a wonderful patinated feel and the wonderful deep colour that these bikes should have and so rarely do.

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