In the late 1960s, the Ouragan child’s car was the star of the Devillaine range, a brand from Charlieu, in the Loire region. If you wanted a Lotus car, they usually commanded up to 1500 French francs compared to as little as just 41 Francs for the Renault 4 from the same range, or 134 Francs for a Triumph TR4!

This high price certainly explains the reason why sales were limited to a privileged few for this toy. However, the Ouragan had reasons to be so pricey: it had spoked wheels, pneumatic tyres, padded seat, chrome elements, suspensions, not to mention rear view mirrors.

The Lotus toy car we are offering for sale is an evocation of Jim Clark’s Lotus F1. The body is original but it has been fully repainted and refurbished. It is fitted with a Honda engine that is fully working and it has been recently tested as such.

It’s the perfect child’s race car for The Goodwood Revival or Classic Motor Hub events. Get in touch if you’d like to know more, or would like to view it in our Cotswolds Showroom.

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