SOLD – 1964 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Litre Fixed Head Coupé

  • 1964 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Litre Fixed Head Coupé
  • Beautifully engineered ‘Fast Road Spec’ E-Type
  • Fully restored including full engine rebuild in 2014
  • Incredible to on the road, how an E-Type should drive.
  • Accompanied by Dunlop Racing Style wheels and a correct 4-spd gearbox


The Jaguar E-Type is possibly the most recognisable and iconic car ever created. Upon seeing it, Enzo Ferrari described the E-Type as: “The most beautiful car ever made”, which considering the pride and ego of Signor Ferrari, is quite the compliment, but when one considers the cars that Ferrari were producing at the time, it must be the biggest compliment in automotive history!

When Jaguar retired from motorsport in 1956 the now defunct racing department were given the task of designing a new road-going sports car to replace the XK150, using the D-Type as a basis for the new design. After a couple of prototypes, the end result was unveiled to the world at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show in the form of a 3.8 Litre Fixed Head Coupé, similar to the car on offer today. The E-Type went on to become one of the most successful sports cars ever built. The model went through many evolutions with the addition of a Roadster and a 2+2, as well as 3 different Series, ending with the V12 powered Series 3 that remained in production until 1974.

Although all magnificent cars, it is the Series 1 that has always been the most desirable, partly due to it being the “original”, but mainly due to its stunning design, most notably the covered headlights and almost jewel like rear lights. It is odd to think that a simple redesign of the lights would have such an impact on a car, but many feel the appearance of the E-Type was never the same with the introduction of the Series 2.


This Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Litre Fixed Head Coupé for sale at The Classic Motor Hub was delivered new in 1964 via the dealer in New York to a lady who resided in California. The early history isn’t completely known but the car ended up in the hands of a Mr. Pyle of Tennessee in 1982, who subsequently sold it to a British classic car dealer who imported the car into the UK in 1990. The first owner in the UK was a Mr. Williams of Claverley, Wolverhampton who acquired the car in February 1990.

He would go on to keep the car until 2002 when it was consigned to a Barons auction where it was described as being in incredibly original condition, in its original paint (Primrose Yellow) with an unused spare wheel. The seats had been retrimmed by Aldridge Trimming in 1990 and the clutch was replaced in 2000. According to the owner at the time, they believe it was the original clutch due to the presence of the original factory indent tags. This, the overall presentation of the car and a number of other original factory tags would seem to point towards the 69,250 miles on the clock at the time, being the original mileage. The next owner was a Mr. Zgraja of Coventry. Mr. Zgraja was involved in the construction business and had a property in Southern Spain where the E-Type was kept, unused from 2004-2012. In 2012, the car was advertised with just 69,396 miles on the clock and in exactly the same condition as it had been bought at auction 10 years previously. The current owner, an extremely gifted engineer, had restored three other E-Types and was looking for one that he could build into the ‘Ultimate Gentleman’s Fast Road E-Type’. The originality and solid nature of this example fitted the bill perfectly and he bought the car in November 2012.

What ensued was a thorough strip down, inspection and rebuild process with the goal of using the best modern upgrades available to enhance every aspect of the cars performance, without losing the tractability needed for longer journeys. A detailed diary, photographs and invoices document the restoration which was completed in December 2014. Below is a summary of the work carried out:

• Strip down to last nut and bolt
• Repaint in Bentley Opalescent Grey
• Complete engine rebuild
• Kevlar hose kit
• Bore out engine and fit new high compression pistons
• Skim head & fit competition valves and springs
• Set of ARP/RBR uprated head studs
• Rob Beere fast road camshafts
• UO SU carburettor needles
• High pressure oil pump
• Oil cooler
• Open out and polish ports
• Lightened flywheel
• Competition clutch
• Spin off oil filter
• Replace all suspension rubbers with polybushes
• High torque lightweight starter motor
• 5 speed Getrag gearbox
• SS 2″ competition exhaust system
• Reconditioned steering rack and column
• Uprated front and rear suspension
• Wet oil pressure gauge
• Gaz adjustable shock absorbers all round
• Coopercraft vented discs & racing aluminium callipers
• Wosp Altenator
• Luminition ignition system
• Lightweight starter motor
• Lucas hazard warning system
• Aluminium radiator and header tank plus electric fan
• Evans Waterless Coolant
• Rob Beere adjustable reaction plate
• Complete underseal
• Sills & structural boxing drilled, waxoyled and resealed

In January/February 2015, the car was ‘run in’ at under 3,500rpm until it had its first service on the 3rd March 2015 at 70,020 miles. A few months later, as a founding member of the Porsche Club de Andalucia, the current owner was invited to a track day at the amazing Ascari Circuit where he took the opportunity to ‘set up’ the car with added assistance from the technical crew at Ascari itself. The Jaguar was then shipped back to the UK in August 2015 and has been used sparingly.

This Jaguar E-Type 3.8 now displays 72,500 miles and is in excellent condition all round. On the road this car is a revelation. The author has driven so many E-Types he has lost count (not a brag!) but he won’t forget this one. The combination of raw power, poise and noise is quite breathtaking but dial it down a little and this incredible machine is comfortable and long legged thanks to the 5-Speed ‘box. The owner really did nail his own brief of making the ‘Ultimate Gentleman’s Fast Road E-Type’.

Now available for sale and immediate inspection. Please contact us to arrange a viewing or if you have any further questions.

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