1967 Aston Martin DB6 Mk1 Manual

  • 1967 Aston Martin DB6 MK1 for sale
  • Original UK market, manual car, in original colour scheme
  • An outstanding matching numbers car
  • One owner for 48 years from 1967 – 2015
  • Exceptional restoration by specialist Jonathan Wardle at Classic Aston in 2016
  • Huge file of invoices and photos showing the thousands spent


Aston Martin have held a very special place in the hearts of true motorist for many years, from their early pre war days battling around the Brooklands circuit and Le Mans to the heights of the David Brown era.  James Bond, Lord Brett Sinclair and a host of others have made the name almost spiritual, particularly when so few cars were being built, so to see one was a red-letter day let alone owning one!

Chief among the coveted Aston models were the DB cars build by David Brown through the 1950s and 60s starting with the DB4 and going through to the DB6 sports saloons, which many consider to be the last true Aston of this series.

The shape of the DB6 retained the curves synonymous with the David Brown era, with its faired-in lamps and at the front, they looked very similar to the DB5, the most notable difference being that the single bumper on the DB5 had been replaced with a two-piece split style chrome bumpers.  Although the shape of the car remained similar, the DB6 abandoned the Carrozzeria Touring-developed Supperleggera body structure of it predecessors in favour of a conventional steel fabrication while retaining the aluminum outer panels.  The wheel-base was also increased by 3¾’’ resulting in a more raked windscreen, raised roof line and reshaped rear quarter windows giving extra leg and head room particularly in the rear seats.  The greatest difference, however, came at the rear with the race inspired Kamm tail added for aerodynamic efficiency and stability drawing upon the developments and lessons learned on the track.  These many dimensional changes were integrated most successfully, the DB6’s overall length only increased by 2”!

Under the bonnet it was business as normal.  The Tadek Marek designed 3995cc, all alloy, six cylinder engine was still in situ, unchanged from the DB5 and power output remained at a healthy 282bhp, rising to 325bhp in Vantage specification.  The trusty 5-speed ZF gearbox was retained but it now featured over-drive and other options included power-assisted steering and a return of the opening front quarter lights.  The DB6 featured electric windows as standard and the twin fuel fillers that were introduced during DB5 production were also continued into the DB6.

Production of the DB6 ran for five years, with the final car produced in 1970.  Over this period of time only 1,327 DB6 Sports Saloons were produced making them highly sort after today.  They remain one of the most attractive, useable and enjoyable classic cars to own.  Summed up perfectly by Autocar in 1966.

‘Stage by stage, as the DB has become dominant in the Aston Martin strain, the successive cars have changed their image.  Today the aim is to offer the maximum of luxury and refinement as well as the ultimate in road performance.  The minor barbarities of so many great sports cars of the past are no longer acceptable – at least in the hand built models now leaving Newport Pagnell.  Obviously such a car as the DB6 is expensive and exclusive but the value matches the price.’  Autocar, 1966.


This Motor Car

The 1967 Aston Martin DB6 we are proud to offer here must be one of the finest examples you will see and unbelievably its original owner kept the car 48 years from 1967 until 2015!  The car has also been the subject of an exhaustive restoration by Jonathan Wardle at Classic Astons, one of the most respected restorers of these cars you will find and the detail and finish is superb throughout.

The Heritage Certificate shows DB6/3097/R was delivered new and sold by Mr Cyril Williams Motors Ltd. of Wolverhampton with registration ODA 177E, in March 1967.  Rather coincidently Cyril’s son recently visited the showroom and recognized the car and the registration as his fathers apparently liked to have number plates with a 7 in them.  The car was ordered in Ming Blue with White Gold interior, with optional power-assisted steering, chrome road wheels, heater rear screen, three ear hub caps, whitewall tyres, Motorola radio, powered aerial and two safely belts.

The DB6 was bought by a Mr Paul Bengry of Stoke-on-Trent in May 1967 and amazingly he would go on to keep the car for 48 years, only selling it 2015.  He clearly loved the car and made sure it was serviced and attended to by specialist and luckily for us he kept good records of the work done.  The car has a fabulous (and huge!) history file going back to the 1970s and it shows that it has always been very well looked after by the likes of Aston Martin and Lagonda specialist Robin Hamilton through the 70s and 80s.  Robin carried out a big overhaul of the car in 1979-1981 including a major mechanical refresh and tune up as well as a full bare-metal re-spray and interior refresh.  He continued to work on the car every year until 1983 with lots of detail invoices, in fact the sums of money being spent on the car were large and it shows the high standard that Mr Bengry always kept this car.

In the mid 1980s another well-known Aston Martin specialist, Jonathan Wardle, takes over the maintenance of the DB6.  This relationship clearly worked well as Jonathan would go on to look after this car to this day!  From 1988-2006 the car was well serviced and cared for but at this time Mr Bengry decided to have the car fully restored.  Jonathan set to work and looking through the 350+ pictures and piles of invoices you can see that no part of the car was untouched from a full body rebuild and repaint, re-trimmed interior and carpets and full mechanical rebuild including the engine.  The block was inspected and repaired by RS Williams to 4.2 specification, with Cosworth pistons and new liners.  It would take too long to go through everything that was done to the car other than to say it is now in utterly stunning condition and you are very welcome to come and read through the reams of detail that cover the work done.

Like many restorations this one was done over many years and Mr Bangry sadly sold the car before it was completed in 2015.  The new owner Mr Greenhalgh, finished off the final parts of the restoration with Jonathan before enjoying his spectacular new car.  After 3 years of ownership the current custodian acquired the car and it has clearly been well looked after and used sparingly as it remains in wonderful condition and it drives every bit as well as it looks!

If you are after a fully restored DB6 in it original colour and with a monstrous history file to back it all up then look no further.  This car must surely be seen as one of the best buys of the moment given the cost to restore a car to this condition.

This car is available for immediate inspection and sale at the Classic Motor Hub.

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