1972 Honda CB450

  • 1972 Honda CB450 For Sale
  • DOHC engine
  • 45hp and 100mph+
  • Superb build quality
  • Attractive and rare colour scheme

Model history

Honda launched its larger capacity twin cylinder in 1965 having previously specialised in smaller capacity and lightweight machines. The new 450cc parallel twin was affectionately known as the ‘Black Bomber’ after its black finish ready to launch looks. It was technically very advanced for its day with double overhead camshafts, torsion bar activated valves rather than coil springs and constant velocity carburettors. This gave a power output of 45hp, which was driven through initially a 4-speed gearbox that was soon uprated to a 5-speed unit. It had a tubular frame, replacing Honda’s traditional fabricated spine type with good suspension and the engine crankcases split horizontally preventing oil loss. Honda were also setting new standards with build quality and the bikes were very reliable and made of the best available materials.

The model was developed throughout production and the later K models having the more modern looking fuel tank, the speedo and rev-counter were mounted on the handle bars and a hydraulic front disc brake was fitted.

This motorcycle

This 1972 Honda CB450 is finished in the very attractive olive green colour scheme with the black seat. The bike looks to be in very original condition and the mileage of 21,500 would seem to be correct although sadly there is little paperwork to shed light on the bike’s history. General presentation though is very nice and this would be a wonderfully useable bike for anyone. The bike was serviced 2 years ago and only ridden a handful of times since.

Available for sale and immediate inspection at The Classic Motor Hub.

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