SOLD – 1972 Porsche 911 E 2.4

  • 1972 Porsche 911 E 2.4 in Viper Green
  • Complete rebuild of engine / gearbox / fuel injection by Autofarm
  • New Bilstein suspension all round
  • Riviera Autobody respray
  • Huge history file and original tools
  • Out standing attention to detail

Model History

In August 1968 the 911L model was replaced by the 911 E with fuel injection. The E designation stood for Einspritzung, German for “injection,” noting the Bosch mechanical fuel injection system. From a marketing standpoint, the 911 E was designed to be the most comfortable of the 911 models, conceived to fit between the 911 T (touring) and the 911 S models. During its production years it would be upgraded from the 2.0 litre engine, to the 2.2, followed by the 2.4 to end production in 1973.

To many, the early 1970 911 Es are the perfect cars to own and use as they are the last and most developed of the beautiful ‘pre-impact bumper’ style but with the larger 2.4, fuel injection and the 915 gearbox. The midrange E model also had the wonderful balance between comfort and performance, although don’t think these cars are slow – they are only marginally less powerful than the S but the slightly softer front end makes for a perfect ride.

This MOTOR Car

This fabulous 1972 Porsche 911 E 2.4 now offered for sale at The Classic Motor Hub was sold new in Paris and we believe the car remained near the capital until it was purchased in 1982 by its second owner.  He was very taken with the car and he went on to keep it for 20 years before he sold, again in Paris, to a Surgeon in 2002. He brought the car to the UK and sold it in 2003 to its fourth owner. Once this 911 E arrived in the UK and with the summer behind them, the Porsche was traded on in 2003 to an enthusiastic collector, where it then remained for a further 11 years before being sold to a watch dealer whose love for mechanical perfection saw him well placed to return the car to its full glory. The car had always been well serviced and looked after with a pile of bills backing all this up + a report from Crawform Porsche specialists but it was only under this new ownership that the car really got the love and care it deserved.

The new owner engaged the highly renowned Porsche specialists Autofarm to rebuild the engine to the highest specification, leaving no stone unturned and at great expense!  There full invoices and emails show all the work carried out between 2015-16 but it is safe to say that all that could be done was, including overhaul of the gearbox and mechanical fuel injection. This mechanical work totaled over £25,000. The car was then repainted, twice!  The owner was unhappy with the first paint finish so he had it done again at Riviera Autobody who did a fantastic job as well as having the interior smartened up, a process that cost over £12,000.

This Porsche 911 E was now in exceptional condition and as such it was used sparingly until the owner made the hard decision to sell it and expand his business in 2018.  The Classic Motor Hub were given the task of selling the car on and I thick we could not have found a better custodian!  The current owner is a serial 911 owner having bought his first in 1977, having no less than 11 since and raced them for 25 years. With this vast experience behind him he was delighted with the fresh Autofarm mechanicals but he felt the suspension could be improved. To this end he took the car to well known specialists Canford Classics who stripped the suspension and replaced it with new Bilsteins all round and set it up to exacting standards (full details on file). New bushes, trackrod ends, anti roll bars and 1” wider Fuchs at the rear were also added to give the perfect ride. To reduce aerodynamic instability in cross winds and at higher speeds the front was changed for a deeper ‘S’ spec version. New sun visors were installed as well as new Rennsport Recaro race seats to give more support but we should note that all items removed have been kept and remain with the car.

Everything and anything needed has been addressed to make this Porsche 911 E superb both mechanically and cosmetically perfect for its next caring owner. This Porsche would be a welcomed addition to any Porsche club meeting or would simply make a fantastic summer sports car.

This must surely best one of the best 911s of its type on the market and is certainly the best example I have ever driven. Complete with original tool roll, extensive history file, and Certificate of Authenticity. Just outstanding in every way and available for immediate inspection at The Classic Motor Hub.

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