• 1989 Range Rover Vogue Classic
  • 4-Speed Automatic
  • 3.5 Litre Rover V8
  • Original brochures and good history
  • Regularly serviced inc. oil and filter change every 6,000 miles

model history

In 1970 the Range Rover arrived on the automotive scene and in one fell swoop transformed Land Rover from the farmer’s choice to an improbable mix of robust, off-road, four-wheel-drive ruggedness, high-tech innovation and chic luxury. The practical, all-terrain, farm-friendly vehicle acquired a more gracious silhouette and started cruising the tarmac in grand style: the Range Rover (the first true SUV) had arrived.

The Range Rover’s class-leading performance, equally outstanding both on the road and off it, assured its success. During the 70s technological innovations, such as electronic traction control, and regular updating of systems and materials, kept the Range Rover in a top-of-the-market position, appreciated across the motoring press for its heavy-duty sturdiness, up-to-the-minute safety features and reliable high performance. Its appeal started spreading to fashionable circles when a Range Rover prototype appeared in a lavish photographic layout in the high-fashion magazine “Vogue” in 1981. The new model went on to officially be named the “In Vogue” Range Rover and came to be regarded as the pinnacle of motoring high-style. By 1983, its posh-appeal was well consolidated; it became the trend-setting vehicle of the moment. The first generation Range Rover (later renamed Range Rover Vogue Classic to distinguish it from later models) was produced between 1970-1996.


The extraordinary Range Rover Vogue Classic we are proud to offer for sale was first registered on the 31st March 1989 and was specified in the rare non-metallic Eastnor Green with Brogue Brown velour interior, plus distinctive Vogue coachlines to the sides and lower tailgate. The car was supplied by Range Rover dealer Knowles of Nottingham to its first owner the former High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Ian David Peel Thorne. (The High Sheriff is the oldest secular office under the crown). Mr. Thorne kept the car until his marriage in 1992 during which time it was serviced 9 times by the supplying dealer in 3 years, in line with the 6000 mile service intervals. All of which is detailed in the fully stamped original Service Record that accompanies the car.

The car was then sold to Mr. D. Stevens of Condor in Derbyshire in November of 1991 at circa 54,000 miles and the rigorous maintenance schedule was continued with a further 5 stamps in the service record during his 3-year ownership. A Land Rover extended warrantee was instigated and the booklet also is contained within the extensive history file.

In November 1994 as Michael Schumacher was winning his first F1 Drivers Championship and the first cars rumbled through the Channel Tunnel F450 HTO passed to its third owner the fastidious Mr. Brian Rhodes of Langley Mill, Notts who would own the car for the next 21 years averaging just under 1000 miles per year. The receipts on file show that he continued to maintain the car with regular waxoyl treatments and perform an oil service annually regardless of mileage.

Given the extraordinary care and lavish attention that has been paid to F450 over the years the car is an outstanding time warp example. A thorough inspection has been undertaken in our workshops and there is absolutely no corrosion in the usual areas of concern. The bulkhead, front inner wings, sills, body mounts, rear cross member and arches are all superb. The rear upper and lower tail gates are the original and in perfect condition, the rear boot floor side panels are completely corrosion free as are the lower outer edges of the front footwells. In all a quite remarkable motorcar.

All of the exterior body panels of this Range Rover Vogue Classic are the originals and the factory applied Eastnor Green paint is in excellent condition. There are no signs of electrolytic reaction anywhere where the aluminium skins meet the steel frame and the satin black window frames, door shuts and pillars are in almost new condition.

Inside, the car is as faultless as the outside. The Brogue Brown velour seats and beige carpets are spotless and showing no wear. The door cards and other interior trim are unmarked and excellent as is the head lining, centre console and dashboard. The boot area is also immaculate with an unmarked parcel shelf. Two sets of keys, the correct bottle jack and wheel brace are also present..

The classic 3.5 litre Buick-derived Rover V8 installed in F450 has led a pampered existence, having been treated to oil and filter changes as per the manufacturer’s recommendations up to 68,000 miles and more often thereafter. As a result the engine runs perfectly. The 4-speed ZF automatic gearbox engages cleanly and smoothly and the transfer box engages low ratio correctly. This FA model was the first to be fitted with the Borg Warner chain driven transfer box with viscous coupled centre differential and the car feels, sounds and drives as a new one did 30 years ago with the visibility and commanding driving position that only a Range Rover Vogue Classic can provide.

Within the impressive history file are contained the original Handbook, service record, dealer listing, original Clarion radio cassette owners guide and code card, numerous MOT certificates attesting to the original mileage and extended warranty booklets. All tax discs from 1994 and a number of further service and parts invoices. A remarkable motor car that is surely worthy of close inspection.

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