2004 Ferrari 575M Manual “Fiorano Package”

  • 2004 Ferrari 575M Manual Fiorano Package
  • One of only 69 RHD Manual cars
  • Grigio Titanio with Bordeaux leather
  • Rarer still optioned with the Fiorano handling pack
  • Only 32,000 miles from new
  • Outstanding Service history with the UK’s leading Ferrari specialists

Beautifully presented in the elegant combination of Grigio Titanio with Bordeaux leather, this exceptional Ferrari 575M Maranello has been cared for by some of the UK’s leading marque specialists.

The Ferrari was supplied new by Maranello Egham on 27 April 2004 to its first owner, Sir Jack Baldwin. The paperwork then notes its service history between 2007 and 2018 as follows:

  • 16 April 2007 – Stratstone Manchester, 10,758 miles (belts)
  • 30 January 2008 – Graypaul Nottingham, 12,107 miles
  • 21 January 2009 –  Graypaul Nottingham, 13,226 miles (belts)
  • 26 February 2010 – Maranello Egham, 15,543 miles
  • 15 February 2011 – Maranello Egham, 17,212 miles
  • 28 April 2011 – Meridien Modena, 18,195 miles (belts)
  • 6 January 2012 – Meridien Modena, 19,575 miles
  • 28 December 2012 – Meridien Modena, 24,212 miles
  • 18 April 2014 – Meridien Modena, 26,664 miles
  • 27 June 2016 – Meridien Modena, 28,187 miles
  • 7 June 2017 – Meridien Modena, 28,349 miles (belts)
  • 1 May 2018 – DK Engineering, 28,600 miles

In 2018, and after being given a full inspection, the Ferrari received work totalling almost £8000 at the Hertfordshire premises of DK Engineering. The bonnet underside and front bumpers received minor repairs and were repainted, as were the lower sills and lower rear bumper. All four wheels were refurbished and both front seats were stripped down in order to repair the manual adjusters.

DK had also noted that the dashboard leather was distorted, so the dashboard was removed in order for it to be retrimmed.

As recently as August 2022, the 575M went to another renowned name in the Ferrari world – Bob Houghton in Northleach – for its latest service. At the same time, the alternator was replaced, the air-conditioning system was recharged and the steering column bracket were tightened.

Now being offered for sale by The Classic Motor Hub, this 575M features the rare six-speed manual transmission – operated via the traditional Ferrari open gate – that was fitted to only 246 of the 2056 cars built. A beautiful example of this supremely capable and exhilarating grand tourer, it has been extremely well cared for throughout its life and has still covered only 32,000 miles.

Model history

Developed from the outgoing 550, the Ferrari 575M Maranello was launched in 2002 and was the latest in a long line of front-engined V12 GT cars from the Italian marque.

Pininfarina’s Lorenzo Ramaciotti oversaw some detail design changes, the interior was reconfigured and the engine was increased in size from 5.5 litres to 5.7. Power was up to 508bhp and the top speed was quoted as being 202mph. The 575M also marked the first time that a V12 model had been equipped with Ferrari’s ‘semi-automatic’ gearbox.

From 2004, a GTC package was available that comprised Brembo’s composite ceramic brakes, plus a revised suspension system and exhaust, and 19in wheels. It cost £16,500 on top of the 575M’s £160,845 starting price, but almost every road-tester agreed that it transformed the car. Then, in 2005, the convertible Superamerica model was introduced and power increased to 533bhp.

When Road & Track sampled a 575M at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, it noted the ‘astonishing agility, wonderful balance and excellent grip’.

Car and Driver, meanwhile, later reflected that the 575M was ‘the definitive ultra-performance GT’ and recognised Ferrari’s efforts in making it easier to drive than previous V12 models. The ride comfort was noted, too, as well as the various creature comforts that were offered.

In total, 2056 575Ms were built, plus 559 Superamericas, before the model was replaced by the 599 GTB in 2006.


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