• 2007 Ducati Sportclassic 1000S
  • Retro styling with modern ease of use
  • Twin shocks and bikini fairing
  • Rare and desirable model
  • Excellent condition

In 2003, Ducati launched a new range of retro bikes at the Tokyo Motorshow under the banner of ‘Ducati Sportclassic’ with machines that reflected some of the great models from their past. The first bike they produced was a homage to the 750SS racing bike that Paul Smart rode to victory in the 1972 Imola, featuring a light blue frame, silver tank and silver half fairing. This new bike weighed 179kg and came with a 992cc, air-cooled, 4 valve, Desmo V- twin, producing 92 bhp at 8,000 rpm and 67ftlb of torque.

Ducati followed the Paul Smart Replica with more generic classics the Sports and the GT, the Sports being inspired by the SS bikes of the 70s and 80s and the GT being a throwback to the 750GT model. Sadly the timing of the venture wasn’t right and the models were overlooked by the sports bike war that was raging between the Japanese factories and the touring models being built by BMW and KTM. However, times have changed dramatically and these very cool, factory built café racers are now being seen as the stylish, classic icons they were always intended to be.

This has been lead by the biggest change in bike culture for several generations. The factory race replica machines are still there but young and old are now all looking back to the great bikes of the past for inspiration to both build and acquire. This puts the Ducati Sportclassic in prime position and the prices of these models are going skywards quickly. The slightly more frumpy GT is still a little behind, but the sexy 1000S is quickly becoming one of the more sort after bikes to have, especially as they are hard to find as not many were built.

Featuring twin shock looks, bikini fairing, single seat, single headlight and wire wheels, the Ducati Sportclassic 1000S is the ultimate modern factory built café racer, and to boot is built by the sexiest Italian motorbike company around.

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