The Classic Motor Hub Visit Blyton Park Race Track in Two Rather Different Machines

The Classic Motor Hub Visit Blyton Park Race Track

For many, the love for cars is born out of passion for witnessing cars pushed to their limits by skilled racing drivers. Maybe your passion was kick-started by seeing Ayrton Senna’s mastery in the wet at the 1993 European Grand Prix in Donnington, Sébastien Loeb doing the ‘Scandanavian flick’ to seal one of his nine FIA World Rally Drivers’ titles, or any other of the many unforgettable moments from over 100 years of motorsports. At The Classic Motor Hub, racing is in our blood; indeed a number of the staff here have competed in racing events over the years. We were recently invited to Blyton Park Race Track to test out two of the cars in our collection in their preferred habitat – on the track.



The 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT in a suitably luxurious setting

In the late 1960s the Dino lineage was created by Ferrari when the need arose to homologate a V6 engine for the new Formula 2 races series, but found major commercial success for the company outside of motor racing. The Ferrari Dino was first seen at the 1967 Turin Motor show as the 206 GT, which featured an all-aluminium 2 litre V6 engine with 4 cams that was mounted transversely behind the cockpit and driven through a 5 speed transaxle to the rear wheels. The elegant body was – like the engine- made from aluminium, and was blessed with gorgeous lines drawn by Pininfarina’s Leonardo Fioravanti; production of the coachwork assigned to Scaglietti.


The Second Coming of François Bazin

The Second Coming of François Bazin

When considering the European coach-built cars launched during the Art Deco era, you’ll no doubt agree that the elaborate hood ornaments – in their countless shapes and sizes – are one of the first design aspects that spring to mind. Fast-forward to today and the granddaughter of one of period’s most renowned artists, François Bazin, has produced a series of bronzes in his memory.


Classic Motor Hub in The Financial Times Motoring Supplement – November 2017

Classic Motor Hub in The Financial Times Motoring Supplement - November 2017

Having grown into an industry worth an estimated £5.5bn in the UK alone, the “collector car hobby” is rapidly developing into a thriving social scene that brings together owners and enthusiasts at a purpose-designed venue to look at one another’s wheels, mull over all manner of motoring whilst sharing their passion for classic motors. Here at The Classic Motor Hub we offer an incredible selection of classic and high-performance vehicles for sale, but that’s just the tip of the automotive iceberg. We provide a full car storage service, on-site workshop and many other periphery amenities to make your car ownership a real joy.


Classics in, Classics out – November 2017

Classics Going Out / Classics Coming in - November 2017

Here at The Classic Motor Hub we regularly deal in some beautiful motors, and today is no exception – we’ve seen some incredible machines both arrive and leave The Hub. Inbound is a 1988 Ferrari Testarossa, whilst leaving us is a 1964 AC Cobra 289 – two classic cars with similar capacity engines, but that are hugely different machines – we think you’ll agree.



Porsche 911 RSR Recreation on a Cotswold B Road

£1 million.
That’s the minimum outlay required to get your hands on one of the few remaining original Porsche 911 2.8 RSRs that were built in 1973 for the sole purpose of competing in the 1974 International Race of Champions. Just 49 were built, and so even finding the opportunity to buy one today is incredibly rare. Most were delivered directly to racing teams to compete in other prestigious races such as the Le Mans 24hrs and World Manufacturers Championship race at the Nürburgring, and so now reside in private collections across the world.


Classic Cars Sales in November 2017

Classic Cars Sales at The Classic Motor Hub in November 2017

This month The Classic Motor Hub have been delighted to see some exquisite cars arrive in our showroom, such as our Ferrari 400 GTi. As well as some exciting new arrivals, we have also completed a number of classic car sales that are now on their way; here are some of the highlights:

1984 Ferrari 400 GTi – road test

A Black on Black Ferrari Grand Tourer that's Fit for Four

When contemplating Ferrari’s illustrious legacy, it’s unlikely that the Ferrari 400 GTi – or one of their other late-‘70s or ’80s Grand Tourers – would be one of the first cars that comes to mind. Their back catalogue is peppered with some of the most widely-recognised forms in automotive history including Dinos, Spiders and Targa-topped supercar beauties that now adorn the most prestigious automotive collections in the world.


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