F. Bazin Nobosudru Mangbetu Bangle Bracelet

F. Bazin Nobosudru Mangbetu Bangle Bracelet


Car-themed jewellery rarely extends beyond the realms of novelty cufflinks designed for men. But now Parisian artisan Julie Bazin has produced a range of sterling-silver jewellery for women based upon one of the most distinctive of all automobile-inspired images – La Femme Mangbetu.

This elegant sterling silver Nobosudru Bangle Bracelet is made by a small Parisian silversmith workshop using lost wax casting, and depicts the head of the Mangbetu tribes-lady who was used by Citroën as a hood mascot originally created by Francois Bazin. The hood mascot was conceived for Citroën during the “Croisière Noire” period and represents Nobosudru, the favourite woman of the head of the Mangbetu tribe in Zaire in the 1920s. Nobosudru was famous for her beauty, and was chosen as the icon of the Citroën cars.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 10 cm


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