Omologato Panamericana Chronograph

Omologato Panamericana Chronograph


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If it was suggested today that fourteen countries bind together to build a 30,000km highway linking two continents, it simply wouldn’t happen. However, in the 1937 ground was broke on what would eventually become a 48,000km highway spanning both American continents. In 1950 Mexico became the first country to finish their section of the Panamericana Highway and they celebrated with a road race the likes of which the world has never quite seen since, nor fully recovered from.

The Carrera Panamericana ran for five years, grew quickly from being a race for five-seat cars to being an all-out sports car race. Its average speed rocketed from just over 140km/h in its first year to more than 220km/h just five years later. Deaths rose along with the speed and in total 27 people were killed. The first Carrera Panamericana ran from just below the Texan border at Ciudad Juarez to just north of the Guatemalan border and climbed from 100 metres above sea level to 3195 metres high.

To celebrate this legendary event, Omologato has launched their very own Panamericana watch – the PANAMERICANA Chronograph. This beautiful timepiece features clean dial contrasted by vibrant colours schemes from across the Americas, all housed in a bespoke Stainless Steel case. Features include a matt dial, anti-reflective sapphire glass and Swiss movements.

Tech Specs

Diameter: 40mm
Material: 316L stainless steel IP Plated
Dial Colour: Matt dial with white tachymeter at the edge of lens
Movement: Swiss Ronda Meca-Quartz Movements
Water Resistance: 5ATM

Glass : Flat sapphire with anti-reflective coating

Width: 22mm
Material: Stiched leather
Colours: Black

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