Playforever Leadbelly Sonny – VF501 Blue

Playforever Leadbelly Sonny – VF501 Blue



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The Playforever Leadbelly is one of the latest designs from the London-based collectibles company, evoking an all-American muscle car with styling queues from some of Detroit’s finest and fastest.

Designed for reliability and straight line speed, the Playforever Leadbelly is a homage to the muscle car: brutally simple, minimalist lines, and lowered over some of the fattest tires on any Playforever model. Leadbelly is built to be tough and last a lifetime in a beautiful shade of metallic blue.

Colour: Playforever Leadbelly Sonny is metallic blue

Age recommendation: Although Leadbelly Sonny is rated as 1+ by the manufacturer, it has been identified the rubber tyres are removable, so we would therefore recommend this car for ages 3+.

Dimensions: Length 161mm x Width 80mm x Height 63mm

Materials: ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.

Test certificates: CPSIA for the USA and EN71 for Europe. All extensive testing carried out by TUV Hong Kong.