Porter Press – Jaguar Design – A Story of Style

Porter Press – Jaguar Design – A Story of Style


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This tremendous book tells the great story of Jaguar design and styling in a fascinating level of detail from the earliest Swallow motorcycle sidecars, through the famous icons – such as the XK 120s, the Mk 2 saloons, the E-type and the XJ6 and finally the very latest stylish pre-eminent cars produced so successfully today. This is, essentially, the story of three men – company founder and owner Sir William Lyons, aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer and former Design Director Ian Callum. Author Nick Hull (himself a former Jaguar designer) also introduces readers to the little-known men behind the scenes and how each of the great trio achieved their stunning cars. Callum, who wrote the Foreword, has opened doors and contributed great insights.

With 512 pages and over 500 illustrations of Jaguar design, including drawings and designers’ renderings, as well as many unseen photographs, this weighty, beautifully produced book is a great addition to any enthusiast’s library.

  • Hardcover: 512 Pages
  • Publisher: Porter Press International
  • Author: Nick Hull
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907085291


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