• Stunning recreation of this iconic motor vehicle
  • Built to the highest standards
  • Presented in new unused condition

“This engine – velocipede will make a strong appeal to a large circle, as it should prove itself quite practical and useful to doctors, travellers and lovers of sport.”

In such vein did the German Press report the first faltering run of Carl Benz’s fragile three-wheeler Motorwagen, little appreciating at the time that they had witnessed the first successful run of the internal combustion-engined motor car – a device which was to change the pattern of history.

The three-wheeler featured a rear mounted horizontal engine with vertical crankshaft, belt primary drive and final transmission to the rear wheels by side chains, all mounted in a tubular chassis. The 984cc internal combustion engine developed a then spectacular 0.9hp, giving a top speed of approximately 8mph, midst a veritable cacophony of sound, smells and not a little vibration. Today the Motorwagen may be considered primitive in the extreme but Benz’s Patent of 29th January 1886 was indeed ‘state of the art’.

The original car was donated to the Deutches Museum in Munich by ‘Papa’ Benz in 1906. This has enabled a limited series of working replicas to be manufactured with considerable accuracy. This is one such, built in Yorkshire, England, it has never been used.

Attractively presented with dark green framing and ironwork, varnished wood platform and wooden tool box and a plethora of brass fittings, this is more than just a fabulous exhibition piece but is capable of being made to run, with care. Operating instructions offered with the vehicle should be carefully read and adhered to before emulating Benz’s first faltering run in 1886.

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