SOLD – 1924 Bugatti Type 13 Brescia

  • Excellent mechanical condition
  • Desirable front brakes
  • 16 valve head with twin bronze body SU carburettors
  • Perfect entry for Brescia Rally VSCC events and Trials


Ettore Bugatti was born in Milan and learnt the automotive business while in the employment of Mathis, De Dietrich and finally Deutz.  In 1908, while in the employment of Deutz, he started designing his own cars at his house before he left and set up his own company in 1910.

The first car he made he called the Type 10 as it was the 10th design that he had created and it was small and light, built clearly with an eye to racing but using lightness as the advantage rather than a large engine as was the trend at the time.  It had a 1.2 litre, four cylinder engine and a small 2 seater body.  It weighed only 365kg and could achieve a top speed of 80km/h.  The car used an overhead camshaft activating 2 valves per cylinder and the camshaft was connected to the crankshaft via a vertical bevel shaft.  It also used a wet, multiplate clutch and a shaft final drive when most cars where still using chains.  This was a very advanced and technically thought out car from start to finish.  On showing the car to potential customers the response was overwhelmingly positive with many pleading Ettore to put the car into production.

To this end Ettore acquired a disused tanning factory in Molsheim in 1910 and he continued his development of the Type 10 calling the modified car the Type 13.  It was the first full production model and the first to use the Bugatti name.  The T13 continued in a similar vein to its predecessor with a four cylinder engine now enlarged to 1327cc, but retaining its eight valve head, bevel driven cams and shaft driven wheels but now via a four speed gearbox.  The head was also soon upgraded to a 16 valve design making it the first multi-valve head in a production car.  The car debuted at the 1910 Paris Salon where The Autocar described it as a “most delightful looking runabout”!  The model was developed through the T15, T17, T22 and the T23 and around 435 of all types are believed to have been produced.

The Bugatti Type 13 took the top 4 places at the 1921 Brescia GP, which lead to unprecedented sales orders at the Molsheim factory and gave the car the ‘Brescia’ name that has always been associated with them.

These wonderful early cars remain a highly collectable component of the marques history.


We are delighted to offer a rare opportunity to purchase this wonderful Bugatti Brescia Type 13 finished in dark burgundy with black upholstery. It features many original components, the chassis number BC67 was originally a long chassis Type 23 which was shortened some years ago to the Type 13 specification and the body is in the ‘dog cart’ style.

The engine is a 16-valve version, retaining original numbered crankcase and cambox and it has been re-built over the past few years.  It features a pair of SU bronze body period carburetors, so it has wonderful performance that is truly amazing for a ‘light car’.  It also has a heavy style front axel with front wheel brakes to handle modern motoring.

The car has a current UK V5C registration document and a VSCC buff form so for competition this give the ideal opportunity for driving tests, trails, tours and more.

Please call for further details and to discuss this fabulous little Bugatti. The car is available now for sale and available for immediate inspection.


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