SOLD – 1931 Sunbeam Model 9

Model history

Sunbeam built their sporting reputation on the early side-valve models but by the start of the 1920s their racing department was experimenting with overhead valve engines. The OHV design moved onto the road going machines in 1924 with the introduction of the model 9 (500cc) and the Model 8 (350cc).

Initially both models were marketed as completion machines and not even a kick-start was put on them in an effort to attain maximum performance.  In 1927 specific racing variants of the OHV machines were launched as the Model 80 and the Model 90, indicating their top speeds of 80mph and 90mph and the Model 9 continued with a wonderful reputation as a reliable and fast sporting tourer.

The rigid frame was of excellent construction as proven on the IOM TT and it carried Webb single spring forks with variable damping.  The tank was beautifully finished in chrome and black enamel, the mudguards were effective but not oversized and standard road lights were fitted.


The Sunbeam Model 9 we are proud to offer for sale at The Classic Motor Hub must surely be the best condition example in existence.  It is a 1931 machine that has been restored to the highest standard around 10 years ago and maintained in this condition ever since.  The attention to detail everywhere is quite amazing and everything not only looks exception but everything works as it should as well.  It has the Amal ‘neat bars’ fitted, where the cables go through the bars and therefore the machine look very tidy and it is no surprise that it was a winner at the prestigious Salon Privé Concours d’Elegance.

The bike starts easily and has just wonderful performance due not only to an excellent build but also due to the bolt together M90 spec crankshaft, M90 head and M90 spec carburetor.

These bikes are light and easy to mange and give amazing performance, as you would expect with an OHV sporting machine of the period.

This Sunbeam Model 9 is a one of the nicest sporting bikes of their day and the condition and mechanical excellence of this example makes it a perfect bike for anyone looking for prewar sports motorcycling.

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