SOLD – 1934 Frazer Nash TT Rep

  • 1934 Frazer Nash TT Rep
  • Raced at Brooklands in the 1930s
  • Well known and highly regarded within the Frazer Nash Club
  • Desirable long chassis version
  • Preferable Meadows engine example
  • Excellent mechanical condition


The multi-talented, Captain Archie Frazer-Nash founded GN cycle car in 1910 with his college friend Henry Godfrey (Godfrey Nash) these were 2-cylinder cyclecars that remained in production until 1922 in the UK with a break for the war years.

The first car to bear his name was introduced in 1924, still chain-driven and with rigid rear axles these sporting cars which subsequently made his name so famous offered exciting and reliable motoring with their own distinctive handling characteristics. Frazer Nash Ltd was reconstituted in 1927 as AFN Ltd. And taken over by H.J. (“Aldy” or “HJ”) Aldington in 1929.

Frazer Nash named their models after competition performances, with the Frazer Nash TT Replica so named after the cars which participated in the Northern Ireland Tourist Trophy races in 1931 and 32.

In the 30 years of what one might call production from 1924 until 1954 only some 450 cars were produced, of which 350 were the pre-war ‘chain-gang’ models. Of these the most popular body style was the TT Replica of which 85 were produced between March 1932 and the final Chain-drive car in 1939. A number of proprietary engines were offered including Plus-Power, Meadows, Anzani and Blackburn and the most popular choice for the Frazer Nash TT Replica was the push-rod over-head-valve Meadows engine which was fitted to 45 TT Replicas.

The Frazer Nash together with the Aston Martin were Britain’s best response to imported sports cars in the Brescia Bugatti class and rarely reach the open market with most examples trading privately within the active club circles.


Agile light and fast, the chain-driven Frazer Nash TT was aimed squarely at the sporting motorist. A high proportion were actively campaigned in Motorsport and BPH 144 was no exception being campaigned by its first owner R. Penman-Stewart at The Brooklands Weybridge track. A long-chassis, Meadows-engine model completed at AFN Limited’s Falcon Works in June of 1934 and like many of its contemporaries came, fitted with a sports two-seater body by Ellington, AFN’s close neighbours at Isleworth.

A well-preserved example worthy of the closest inspection, the car, known in Nash circles at ‘The Light Blue racer’ comes with a comprehensive history file detailing extensive restoration and maintenance over the past 30 years and is without doubt of one of the most characterful of 1930’s sports cars and possessing an interesting and well documented history having been actively campaigned for most of its life.

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