SOLD – 1934 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25

  • Rolls-Royce 20/25 first registered 2nd Feb 1934
  • Good history folder with copies of original documents
  • Ideal for the ‘Oily Rag Run’ or ‘Hero Rally’
  • Stunning original/preservation condition
  • Barker & Co coach-built limousine


The Rolls-Royce 20/25 was built from 1929 through 1936 with 3,827 examples delivered. It would go on to become the company’s most popular design prior to the Second World War. It was initially built on a 128.7-inch chassis and later offered on a long chassis of 131.9 inches, introduced in 1931. Later examples of the Rolls-Royce 20/25 models featured a four-speed fully-synchronised gearbox and a centralised chassis lubrication system.

Powering the 20/25 was a 3.7-litre inline, overhead-valve six-cylinder engine with a cast-iron block. It has a separate aluminium crankcase with a seven-main bearing crankshaft with vibration damper and a detachable cast-iron cylinder head. It was lubricated by a pressurised system that also fed the rocker shaft and timing gears. They had an engine-driven water pump with fan which cooled the engine, and a thermostatically-controlled system open and closed the radiator shutters as required. Ignition was by independent coil, a centrifugal-advance distributor, and a backup magneto. The engine was fed fuel via a single-jet carburettor. The estimated horsepower produced was 65, though the company never publicly advertised such numbers, only stating it was ‘adequate.’ Every engine was run by the company on a dynamometer in order to ensure reliability. The transmission with its single dry-plate clutch was bolted to the rear of the engine block. The floor shift was located to the right of the driver’s seat. The cars were given four-wheel, servo-assisted drum brakes and a full-floating type rear axle.

Once the chassis was built and tested by the factory, it was sent to a coach-builder selected by the customer to receive coachwork. A body was either installed from inventory or constructed and finished to the buyer’s specific wishes.


This car, chassis number GXB-25, is a late Rolls-Royce 20/25 built on the longer frame. It was fitted with a Series B2 engine number M4E. Its original dynamometer records show it developed 60 horsepower at 3000 RPM. The chassis was then delivered to London coachbuilder Barker & Co on 13th November of 1933, where it was given a ‘Sedanca Limousine’ body. When completed, the car was delivered to its new owner, a Mr. Rowley of Eversley Park Rd, N21 London, on February 2nd, 1934. Ownership appears to have then passed from Mr. Rowley onto Totnes Motor Museum where it was kept until 2004.

The car is finished in a shade of grey, with contrasting blue pin-striping on the doors and engine bay vents. There is a black canvas fixed top and a tan interior in the rear with black leather seats in the front. The wheels are covered with painted and polished discs. The car also comes with a detailed history folder containing the original registration of the car, including all fuel ration stamps, and a copy of the original invoice along with a copy of the original dynamometer test.

This Rolls-Royce 20/25 has been serviced at our on-site workshop, now runs well and is ready for immediate inspection at The Classic Motor Hub.

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