SOLD – 1937 Lagonda LG45 Tourer

  • Matching numbers
  • Exceptional £125,000 nut and bolt restoration
  • Original colour combination
  • Outstanding performance, perfect for long touring
  • Good history file

Model history

Alan Good, acquired Lagonda Motors in 1936 at the tender age on 29 and this huge man, standing at 6ft5in tall and over 20 stone, set to work rebuilding the company and get it back producing the fine motors its was renowned for.  His first masterstroke was to acquire W.O. Bentley who had recently finished his 5 years contract at Rolls Royce following the purchase of his company as well as an a brilliant young body stylist Frank Freely.  W.O. soon started gathering up his old Cricklewood colleagues such as ‘gearbox king’ Rex Sewell, Stan Ivermee, Percy Kemish and chassis designer Donald Bastow.  This dream team of engineers started to work on the new era of models both penning new engines and desigs while at the same time improving existing models.  The wise decision was made to initially drop all but the 4½ litre cars and concentrate on improving the M45 model to get things run and running while the new models came online.

Given the short time to work in a huge amount was done to create the new LG45 range.  The Meadows engine was retained in roughly Rapide form although the compression ratio was lowered slightly to 6.68:1 as was the Meadows gearbox although this was now a special Lagonda one with a longer case and double helical gears on 2nd, 3rd and top as well as synchromesh between 3rd and top.  The clutch was replaced with a Borg & Beck as it was considerably smaller and lighter.  The Engine breathed through twin SU carburetors as before but now with adjustable jets and the magneto and coil ignition was replaced with twin Scintilla Vertex magnetos with auto advance.  The dampers were linked with a self-energising pump and a weighted front bumper was added for the first time to aid in removing wheel tramp.  The Jackall lift system was retained and was installed in a dummy wheelcase on the nearside wing, matching the real spare wheel on the offside wing.  The Girling brakes was kept as was the cetral throttle.

The new LG45 was available in 3 body styles; a saloon, a drophead coupe and a tourer.  Frank Freely’s new bodies were certainly a face-lift rather than a redesign and they kept their rakish looks with the long bonnets and sporting stance.  A noticeable improvement he did make to the open cars was a redesign of the hoods with a much better shape.

These large capacity thoroughbreds provided effortlessly fast touring and they are now rightly recognized as some of the finest cars produced of the period.


We are proud to offer for sale this 1937 Lagonda LG45 Tourer, chassis 12113.  From the factory record cards we can tell that it is a matching number example and it is finished in its original colour combination of silver with a dark blue interior, a walnut dash and a blue hood.

The car was first registered in London on the 16th of November 1937 and was given the registration ELD 509 that it still wears today.  Sadly nothing is known of its early life and it comes back onto the scene in October 1954 with a Dr O’Connor in Cornwall.  He in turn sold it to a F.B. Randles in Yorkshire in 1957, who sold it to Ted Townsley in Leeds in 1959, then to Brian Dearden-Briggs in Derbyshire in 1962.  The car then left the shores for Dr A.E.P. Watson in Ontario, Canada in 1967.  The car was repatriated in 2004 by Andrew Brackenbury who took on the task of restoring the car to her full glory.

The car was entrusted to specialist Chris Stenton Engineering who did a comprehensive rebuild on the whole car.  The mountain of invoices and notes cover and explain the rebuild of the car that covered all aspects including a rebuild to the engine with the original block line-bored and honed, the crankshaft re-ground, new rods and pistons and new white metal bearings. The carburetors, wiring, bodywork, steering, suspension, lights, etc were all painstakingly done to the highest standard.  It is worth noting that the original G9 gearbox was replaced with a G10 unit, these were available at the time and were an improvement on the earlier design.

The body preparation and painting was done by Nick Croucher of Vintage and Classic car Restoration who did a wonderful job as did Trevor Hirst of Restoration and Coachwork who did the coachwork, hood and trim.

When this Lagonda LG45 was finished, it was used regularly by Andrew for long and short journeys alike where it performed exceptionally well, as you would imagine and with great reliability.  Given the large number of miles it covered it is testament to his exacting care that the car remains in the condition it does which is frankly like it was restored yesterday not 10 years ago!  The paint, engine, trim and all other aspects of the car are in A1 condition and it is a pleasure to drive with mountains of torque and exceptionally comfortable.

The car is accompanied with a good history file covering the restoration in depth and with numerous pictures for the 50s and 60s.

These wonderful large capacity machines are perfect for continental touring, rallies and club event.  Easy to drive and beautifully coached. This car is available now for sale at The Classic Motor Hub.

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