SOLD – 1947 MG TC


  • Single ownership MG TC from 1969 to 2013
  • 11 year comprehensive restoration
  • Engine rebuild in 2013
  • Excellent condition and huge history file

As soon as the Second World War had ended, the MG factory was quick to start producing cars from their Abingdon factory. After manufacturing tanks, armoured cars and aeroplane engines during the six-year effort, the marque set about producing cars once again. The MG TC was the first car off the MG production line once normality resumed and it is now undoubtedly the most famous post-war MG.

The blueprint of the MG TC was similar to that of the TB, sharing similar engines, axles and gearbox, but with some bodywork alterations. The main body of the TC was widened by 4 inches across the seats without having to modify the chassis, wings, running boards nor the facia layout. The TC also had an update which allowed the driver to use hand signals through new flaps in the sidescreens, whilst the two 6-volt batteries were replaced by a single 12-volt battery located next to the bulkhead. There were also changes to the suspension with the addition of hydraulic lever arm dampers but also the change in location of the road spring mounts which were moved from being attached to the traditional sliding trunnions to being mounted in the shackles. The use of war-proven rubber suspension bushes provided the car with a much quieter and smoother road going experience and the same rubber mounts were used for the engine which made for a smoother and quieter driving experience.

The MG TC sold exceptionally well and developed a strong following in America, which proved to be huge buyers of the stock from the Abingdon-based factory; so much so that a special North American variant was produced that included flashing indicators and chrome bumpers. Notable owners of the MG TC was the Duke of Edinburgh who owned one before marrying Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen of England in 1947. The manufacturer sold exactly 10,000 TC models before the T-Series MG evolved into its next variant, the unsurprisingly-named MG TD.

We are delighted to offer this lovely example of a 1947 MG TC that has been known to us for many years. Our client Nick Ratcliff acquired the car in 1969 for the pricely sum of £190, remarkably the invoice for this sale remains with the car. He then kept and used the can for many years and built up an astonishing number of invoices, letters and receipts throughout his ownership. In 1974 Nick moved to Hong Kong for work but left the car in his garage in London where its condition gradually deteriorated. After feeling somewhat guilty about the state of his TC, Nick arranged to have the car transported to Hong Kong and set about a comprehensive restoration in 1992. Nick undertook a complete rebuild including the body, engine, gearbox, wiring and interior. The work took over 11 years and the car was finally completed in 2003. Nick enjoyed his revived TC on local classic car runs in Hong Kong where it received numerous awards. Nick and the car returned to the UK in 2010 and entrusted the car to The Classic Motor Hub for storage, however, soon after this Nick sadly passed away. While dealing with the probate we were entrusted to sell the car on behalf of his family at which point we uncovered some minor mechanical issues. We sent the car to well-known Honda guru and Beaulieu regular Bernie Saunders who rebuilt the engine and gave the car a clean bill of health. We then sold the car an old friend of the company who has used the TC sparingly over the past 5 years, always returning to Bernie for annual servicing.

As you can see, the car is now presented in excellent condition with a fabulous history file. It is on the button and ready for its next loving custodian.

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