1960 Morris Mini Minor

  • 1960 Morris Mini Minor for sale
  • Only 19,000 miles from new
  • Totally unrestored but in usable condition
  • Complete with original bill of sale, manuals and shopping baskets!
  • Original paintwork and all other original features such as floor start

model history

In August 1959 the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven were launched. It wasn’t until 1961 that the car was renamed the Austin Mini, and eight years after that Mini became a marque in its own right. Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, it was a design that broke the mould, with its transverse-engine, front-wheel-drive layout and incredibly compact dimensions. It revolutionised the small car and became the best-selling British car in history, with a production run of 5.3 million units. Production ran until 2000.

In between, the Mini underwent numerous changes of name and engine, and detail upgrades were made to its exterior design. Different body styles were created too, but its fundamental character and layout were unchanged and it was the “standard” two-door model that had the most timeless appeal: the final model that rolled off the production line in 2000 didn’t look that different to the original 1959 car.

this motor car

This particular Morris Mini Minor was purchased by a Miss E. Muxlow in October 1960 from Holland Brothers in Sleaford as shown on the original bill of sale which comes with the car.

The car remains complete with all original features including floor starter and 4 wicker shopping baskets. The car is even still running on its original subframes after almost 60 years. This example has been closely scrutinised by Mini experts who have pointed out that the car is as it left the factory in terms of originality. After careful examination it also appears to have never been painted or welded anywhere. To complete the package the car also has the original drivers handbook, service book together with various bills and previous tax discs.

This is a lovely low mileage and usable example that has to be one of the most unmolested examples still left in existence. Now available for sale and immediate inspection in The Hub Hangar Showroom at The Classic Motor Hub.

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