• 1965 VW Split Screen Camper Van
  • A great driving example in excellent condition
  • Original right-hand drive car (NZ)
  • Used in a lot of Fat Face’s marketing and promotional material.
  • Excellent history file of work done and all the manuals for the appliances.
  • Ready to go


VW’s iconic campervan has been known and loved for generations and for good reason as they are not only great at being your base away from home but they also bring people together and make memories in a way no other vehicle does.


This ’65 Split Screen Camper Van (known as George) is a great example of the early model. It is an original right-hand drive car from New Zealand that was imported to the UK in 2001 by Dr. Thom who directed Classic Campers in Suffolk go through the car and give it a refresh. Dr. Thom’s son-in-law happened to work for Classic Campers so it looks like they did a great job for him and there are bills on file showing that the car was well looked after in the years following. He also kept a book in the car noting all of the car’s mileage, fuel consumption and cost – he was clearly a very proud and fastidious owner. In 2006 Dr. Thom sold the campervan to its current owner, Fat Face CEO Anthony Thompson who has owned the car ever since. The van easily earned its place as part of the family and has been used on lots of family holiday, trips to Goodwood (pre ’66 parking obviously!) and (like Dr. Thom before him) Anthony has noted all of the car’s life, mileage, expenses and running costs in the little book.

While under Anthony’s care, the car has been regularly serviced at VW Vanshack, who specialise in these vehicles and kept it in tip-top condition. The many bills on file show that along with general servicing all the little ancillaries were repaired and replaced as necessary as well as the big bits like a new gearbox that was installed in 2015.

The interior of the car has not escaped attention either, being reupholstered in fabric by renowned British fabric designer, Ian Mankin. This sleek looks really suits a Split Screen Camper Van but there is a spare set of covers and curtains with the car as well.

This camper is a delight to drive, in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition and it ready to join its next lucky family. Now for sale and available for immediate inspection in The Hub Hangar Showroom.

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