1969 FERRARI 365 GTS


  • 8th of only 20 Ferrari 365 GTSs
  • Rarest series production convertible Ferrari ever made
  • Includes Marcel Massini report
  • Columbo Tipo 245/C V12 – Increased power and torque over the older 330 model
  • Offered for sale from an important private collection

In 1966 Ferrari offered several models: the family orientated 330 GT 2+2, the stylish and appropriately named 500 Superfast, and the performance orientated 275 GTB. However, they found themselves with a gap in their line-up. They did not offer a model which combined a blend of performance, luxury and styling into a single model. The last car to do this was the 250 Lusso which ceased production in 1964. To fill this void in their range and to cater for a market demanding a more sumptuous interior, Ferrari developed the 330 GT which debuted at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. The new two-seat Grand Tourer offered both elegant styling and, as always, ground breaking Ferrari performance and race-bred mechanical reliability.

In 1968, the 330cc per cylinder was enlarged to 365cc increasing engine capacity from 3.95 litres to almost 4.4 litres giving an overall performance boost of almost 10% and importantly a brawny 267lb-ft torque available from low RPM. This was a significant increase over the previous generation car and when mated with the convertible coachwork planted a milestone of being the most powerful single overhead cam engine ever used on a convertible Ferrari. It was a delightful driving combination with a great V12 sound, light to the touch, agile and very quick.

The Pininfarina styled coachwork remained almost unchanged, except for the ‘shark gill’ engine-cooling outlets on either front wing which were replaced with discreet vents in the top of the bonnet. The clutch went to cable operation instead of the hydraulic system and the rear half shaft U-joints were replaced with CV joints, the awkward engine bay mounted fuse board was brought inside the cabin and the temperamental under dash mounted umberella hand brake mechanism was moved to a more convenient position between the seats.

This Ferrari 365 GTS, chassis 12269, is the 8th example of only 20 spiders built, making it one of the rarest series production Ferraris ever made. In comparison the closed version the 365 GTC was positively mass produced with 168 cars delivered

The 365 GTS was produced in left-hand drive only but by the early 1970s, regulations coming in to force in the US spelled the end of this delightful model and so Ferrari’s final take on the car that first appeared in 1964 ended prematurely. Production of the much heavier 4-cam Daytona spider began in 1971 with a reduced compression ratio and modified exhaust system for the American market.

The Ferrari 365 GTS offered for sale by The Classic Motor Hub is a fine example, well maintained by respected workshops and Ferrari dealers throughout its life. Delivered new in 1969 to the official Ferrari dealer M.G. Crepaldi of Milan with the stunning combination of Azzuro blue coachwork with Nero hide interior. By 1983 the car had passed to Leone Russo of Milan who had the car repainted Rosso Corsa retaining its black interior. It remained in this configuration through 2 further owners until bought by Araldo Pietro Fantini of Zurich

With the mileage at just 48,000kms Fantini commissioned Autofficina Sauro of Bologna to recommission the engine and by the time he sold the car a decade later in 1993 the odometer read just 51,000kms.

The next custodian, Eric Glorieux of Harelbeke, Belgium had the car repainted black with a moss green interior and serviced regularly by Garage Francorchamps Brussels and on 7th May 2008, respected Ferrari historian Marcel Massini provided a preliminary report on the car prior to its sale at auction in Monaco by Bonhams where it was purchased by Martin Chisholm.

Marcel Massini subsequently issued a comprehensive report on “12269” detailing the life of the car from its original delivery. This is provided in the accompanying history file which also contains certified copies of the original Italian registration documents 300+ historical photographs of the car and further documents accompany the report.

Since 2008, 12269 has resided in the Cotswold’s forming part of a cherished private collection. In the current ownership the car was restored by Peter Chambers Automotive, which included a bare metal respray and a return to the classic Ferrari Rosso Corsa with a comprehensive rebuild of the engine and clutch, all worn braking and suspension components were replaced or refurbished. Since this time the car has been looked after by highly regarded marque specialists Bob Houghton and GTO engineering who have taken care of annual servicing and any mechanical requirement.

With only 20 such cars built, the Ferrari 365 GTS is significantly rarer than the California Spider, Daytona spider or Pininfarina Cabriolet and the combination of high torque nimble and precise steering and lightweight form make this extremely rare model one of the best kept secrets of the Ferrari range testified by their general long term ownership and the infrequency of examples appearing on the open market.

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