SOLD – 1970 BSA B25 Starfire

  • An exceptionally original bike
  • Good mechanical condition
  • New carburetor
  • Light-weight fun and great period styling


The BSA Starfire, with its small capacity single engine, was a little old fashioned when it was launched in 1968, but it had years of development behind it and new styling for the American market.  The new look B25 250cc, OHC, single was cast with a new aluminum cylinder barrel (with an iron liner) with the pushrod tunnel enclosed behind the newly squared off fins and an aluminum alloy head.  This tough little engine ran slightly undersquare with a 67mm bore and 70mm stroke on a one-piece forged crankshaft with 2 flywheels running to keep the vibrations down and a duplex primary chain connected the 4-speed gearbox.  Carburation was via a 28mm Amal concentric unit, a hotter camshaft was installed, 12 volt electrics and the compression was increased to 10:1.   A neat little package very much in the traditional ‘Brit bike’ style but ultimately and sadly doomed against the tide of Japanese 2-strokes invading the western markets.

In period the BSA Starfire were outperformed by lighter, more powerful rivals such as the Suzuki X-6 250 that would do 95mph against the BSA’s 78mph – a huge gulf to the teenage buyers of the time!   But, move forward to the present day and few of these are being snapped up by the 17 year old looking for his speed hit and what you see is a wonderful, light, easy to use classic.  These little 250s are easy to maneuver on they narrow track tyres, the brakes are very much off the period but adequate and the US market desert sled styling gives a comfortable riding position.  What more could you want?!


The BSA Starfire we offer here is a 1970 example.  The bike was bought by us from Henry Cole; he and Sam Lovegrove had found the bike in pieces in a caravan on their show and Sam put it all back together. It is in fact a very nice original bike and amazingly, very few of the parts had gone missing, the only major bit replaced was a new carburetor which does make the bike run well.  Although it ran well it had a few snagging issues so we asked Bernie Saunders to give it a once over and get her fully on song.  After this the bike rode beautifully and we have covered many happy miles including a trip to the Isle of White and back, various local rallies, etc. The bike is in lovely original condition so it is not concourse / restored condition but in good working order and it is brilliant bike to ride.

It you are looking for a light, classic bike to use and have fun on, then look no further – this one is a cracker. Available for sale & immediate inspection in The Hub Hangar Showroom.

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