• 1985 Ferrari 328 GTS
  • Just 36,000 miles from new
  • Recent full engine rebuild by Ferrari Specialist
  • Long term UK ownership
  • £45,000 worth of invoices since 2013


Launched in the Summer of 1984, the Ferrari 328 was the direct replacement for the very successful 308 family of cars. In a way, the 328 was more of a facelift than an all new car with softened lines to the body, a redesigned interior and a slightly larger engine (3.2 Litres as opposed to 3.0 Litres)

The enlarged engine meant the Ferrari 328 was putting out 270 bhp, an increase of nearly 40bhp compared to the 308. This meant the Ferrari 328 GTB was capable of 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds,  an astonishing time considering a 288 GTO manages it in 4.9s.

Offered as a Gran Turismo Berlinetta (GTB) and Gran Turismo Spider (GTS), the car was a huge success and nearly 7,500 were built in the 5 years of production before it was superseded by the Ferrari 348 in 1989.


The Ferrari 328 GTS offered for sale at the Classic Motor Hub was delivered new to Italy on the 18th November 1985 through Crepaldi Auto in Milan. The first owner was a company called Finalfa S.p.A. According to the service records the car was in Bavaria by the following year being serviced at Schuster Automobile in Ansbach in August 1986, May 1987 and then again in August 1987, the latter probably as a result of the car being sold to a gentleman in Switzerland as on file is a the Swiss exhaust maintenance document which documents the first test in March 1988. The same document records the following dates and kms:

  • 04/05/1988 – 15,100kms
  • 22/04/1989 – 22,200kms
  • 03/04/1990 – 24,236kms
  • 19/03/1991 – 27,400kms
  • 13/03/1995 – 30,119kms
  • 15/06/1996 – 37,515kms
  • 14/04/1997 – 37,650kms
  • 16/03/1998 – 41,966kms
  • 26/07/2000 – 50,826kms

In July 2000 the car was purchased by a Mr. Roger Rahman who was living in Zurich at the time. He moved to the UK in March 2001 and took his beloved Ferrari with him, the import forms and documents are all on file with the car. In August 2002 the Ferrari 328 GTS was taken to renowned specialists, Kent High Performance Cars for a thorough recommissioning. At some point the water pump had failed causing the car to overheat badly. As well as investigating the engine problem, the brakes were all gone through including new discs and pads at the front and new pads and resurfacing of the discs at the rear. A new water pump was fitted and the coolant renewed. The invoice added up to £2,376.60 and this was before the engine issue had been dealt with. Upon further inspection it was found that the cylinder heads had distorted and the minimum required was to have those removed and sent off for specialist refurbishment. The estimate on file was over £4,000!

It would seem that Mr. Rahman decided not to go ahead with any further work and as a result the car sat until October 2013 at which point a dealer bought the car and sent restorers and race preparers, RnR Performance Cars, to inspect the car at the owners house. The initial problem and the subsequent 11 years in storage meant a full engine rebuild was needed. New cylinder heads were ordered from Maranello Classic Parts at a cost of over £3,000. New pistons were needed and the engine was rebuilt from the ground up with images of the work on file. At the time of the rebuild a new Larini exhaust system was fitted. The total for the whole job was a little over £16,000. In July the next year (2014) the car was back with RnR for a 1,000 mile service and the gearbox main seal was replaced due to a leak.

The Ferrari 328 GTS was eventually put on the market and bought by the previous owner in December 2015. In March 2016 the new owner took his Ferrari to Kensington Autocare to have a complete gearbox rebuild including a new AP clutch and a full cambelt service, work that totalled over £10,000.

In January 2019 the owner of the Ferrari 328 GTS bought a Ferrari 512 BBi from us here at the Classic Motor Hub. The 328 GTS was part exchanged in the deal and passed into our custodianship. We set about preparing the car to our high standards. At some point in Mr. Rahman’s ownership (2000-2013) the car had been painted and fitted with the incorrect wheels. Certain areas of the car were painted red as opposed to Satin Black and the decision as taken to have the car gone through cosmetically, having all incorrectly painted areas resprayed and checking any weak points for corrosion and dealing with it as needed. A set of correct Ferrari 328 GTS wheels were sourced via Eurospares and a fresh set of Pirelli tyres fitted.

Now returned to her former glory and looking as good as she would have done on the day she left the factory, this Ferrari 328 GTS for sale at the Classic Motor Hub is accompanied by its tools and books as well as a good history file documenting the huge costs of recommissioning over the years.

The Ferrari 328 GTS is probably the least expensive and easiest Ferrari to live with, the costs seen on this car being a result of major issues that are uncommon and most importantly, now dealt with. This wonderful example is very much ready to be enjoyed and a full cambelt service will be included at the asking price. We can also offer a 1 year or 2 year warranty at an additional cost.

Available for sale and immediate inspection at The Classic Motor Hub. Do get in touch if you’d like to arrange a viewing.

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