SOLD – 1991 Porsche 928 S4

  • 1991 Porsche 928 S4
  • Low-mileage example in Horizon Blue
  • Full service history from new
  • Recent £2500 service with cambelt replacement

This Porsche 928 S4 is a superb, low-mileage example of the German marque’s 165mph super-GT. It has been fastidiously maintained throughout its life and features a full service history courtesy of Porsche main dealers and independent specialists.

It was delivered on 28 August 1991 via the Heddell & Deeks Official Porsche Centre in Ferndown, Dorset, to its first owner – a Mrs Jacqueline Lawrence. By 1994 it had passed to a second custodian who lived on the Isle of Man, and it was then acquired by an Oxfordshire-based doctor, who had the Porsche maintained by Hillcrest Specialist Cars. There are numerous receipts from this period in the 928’s life that are testament to the quality of care it received.

During his ownership, it was given the private registration number J60 MCK. When it was eventually sold in 2013 to a new owner in north-west England, that was changed to TOI 928. The Porsche now has the registration number J842 NDY.

At 81,575 miles, it received a major service at Gloucestershire specialist 928 Spares that included replacing the cambelt and water pump. All four driveshaft gaiters were renewed and a four-wheel alignment carried out. The work totalled almost £2500.

This Porsche 928 is offered for sale complete with its Driver’s Manual, its Guarantee and Maintenance Book and its Service Book – the stamps in which go all the way back to its first service on 14 February 1992 at Heddell & Deeks. The first seven stamps are all from Porsche main dealers, and since then the car has been serviced by independent specialists.

Presented in the attractive shade of Horizon Blue (paint code L37X), the 928 wears Pirelli Cinturato tyres all round and exudes the build quality for which these cars are rightly renowned. It was specified with draped leather for the front and rear seats, and still has its Blaupunkt Symphony radio, plus air-conditioning, electric sunroof, cruise control and electric windows.

Many of these highly capable GT cars have got huge mileages beneath them, but this particular example is a rarity in that it has covered only 85,000 miles – as backed up by its extensive service history and paperwork. Its automatic gearbox is perfectly suited to the 320bhp V8 engine, and this Porsche 928 is more than ready to fulfil its original brief of dispatching each journey quickly, comfortably and in style.

Model history

Originally conceived to replace the 911, the Porsche 928 raised more than a few eyebrows when it was launched in 1977. It cast aside the usual Zuffenhausen recipe by featuring a front-mounted, water-cooled V8 engine, while the styling rejected 1970s angles and sharp edges by being curvaceous and smooth.

At launch, the 928 was offered with a 4.5-litre fuel-injected engine that drove the rear wheels through a transaxle. There was the option of a five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic, and in 1978 the comfortable and capable new GT was presented with the Car of the Year award.

The 928S of 1980 featured a 296bhp 4.7-litre engine, and further revisions such as suspension upgrades, four-pot brake calipers, a four-speed automatic gearbox, and a modified exhaust system came thick and fast as the decade progressed.

In 1986, the S4 model was launched with facelifted styling and a 320bhp version of the 5-litre V8 that had already been introduced in cars built for the North American market. A Bosch LH-Jetronic injection system was used and peak torque was delivered at 3000rpm, giving the S4 supreme overtaking ability.

The body was treated to a facelift that increased its aerodynamic efficiency and made the S4 slightly longer than previous models, and its top speed was quoted as being north of 160mph.

It may well have been twice the price of a Jaguar XJ-S, but road-testers commented on its supreme build quality as well as its all-round performance. When Gordon Cruickshank drove one for Motor Sport magazine, he concluded that: ‘It is a fine compromise in function with no compromise in execution – a hatchback with luggage space which will quarter Europe in a day and provide immense satisfaction while running rings around many a sports aspirant.’

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