• 1 of 84 RHD Aston Martin DB7 GT

  • Rare Black with Black specification

  • Very rare carbon fibre interior trim

  • Desirable manual example

In 2002, a new variant of the DB7 was launched, named the V12 GT or GTA when equipped with automatic transmission. Its V12 engine produced 435 bhp and 410 lb·ft of torque in the manual car, although the automatic GTA retained the 420 bhp and 400 lb·ft of torque of the standard DB7 Vantage. Additionally, the aston Martin DBG7 GT and GTA chassis had substantially uprated suspension from the DB7 Vantage models, The tub was stiffened by 20% and special attention was paid to the aerodynamic balance with the adoption of additional sweeps for the undertray, wheel arch liner extensions and a revised boot lid spoiler which enhanced the new look. These additions helped to reduce lift by almost 50%.

Aesthetically, compared to the Vantage, the Aston Martin DB7 GT has a mesh front grille, vents in the bonnet, a boot spoiler, an aluminium gear lever, optional carbon fibre trim and new wheels. It also has 355 mm front and 330 mm rear vented disc brakes made by Brembo.

Production of the GT and GTA was extremely limited, as only 190 GTs and 112 GTAs were produced worldwide.

This is a desirable manual, right-hand drive, Aston Martin DB7 GT that has covered just over 68,000 miles from new. The owner has owned this car since 2006 after purchasing it privately, having been first bought from Charles Hurst Ltd in 2004. There has been a recent overhaul of the car to the owners high standards costing over £10,000 and has covered relatively few miles over the past few years. Naturally, genuine Aston parts were used and all the oils and fluids have been changed, front and rear discs plus pads have been replaced along with the refurbishment of the wheels and the fitting of a new set of tyres, wipers and battery.

The water pump was replaced along with the power steering pump, all belts, spark plugs and ignition coils along with all injector seals and complete vacuum pipe rubbers.

Whilst the owner was using this DB7 GT as his daily driver, Aston ‘Works Service’ carried out services as per the schedule and the last warranty claim was completed by Works service including new shocks, engine mounts, rear radius arms, and resulted in a substantial £7,000 bill.

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