SOLD – 1972 HONDA CB500 ‘K1’

  • 1972 Honda CB500
  • Early example of this popular model
  • Original Condition
  • Italian-delivered bike
  • Becoming very collectable

After the roaring success of the Honda CB750, Honda began producing smaller capacity inline-4 engines and the first in this range was the CB500 in 1971. The 500cc brother was just as well put together as its 750cc relative with its single overhead cam and, 5 speed gearbox, electric starter and front disc brake.

Well known and highly regarded by Bike magazine who wrote about the bike in period, ‘For starters the 500 is a lighter machine with a shorter wheelbase. It therefore has a better power-to-weight ratio than its bigger brother and, significantly, it handles better through the curves. In fact, the 500 is faster up to 60mph in a straight line and its 80mph time is only a fraction of a second behind the 750.’

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