• Fully restored Kawazaki H1 Mach III 500
  • Very large file of bills and parts
  • Parts changed are all to original specific
  • Perfect for either showing or for riding and enjoying

By the mid 1960s the motorcycle market was awash with 650cc twins and large capacity singles but things were about to change.  Kawasaki had been working on an engine that would produce 60bhp from 500cc displacement – then thought unachievable for a road bike.  What they came out with in 1969 was a 3-cylinder two-stroke with 3 Mikuni VM28 carburetors in a modern frame, with a white, sculpted tank and blue racing stripes down the side.  The mould was well and truly broken!

The H1 Mach III, as the model was called, combined lightweight construction with peaky 60hp of power and along with the somewhat indifferent handling it made the 2-stroke an exciting machine to ride.  The performance of the engine however was staggering and it has the legs of just about everything under 750cc when it was launched.  The model was developed over the years with many improvements and to many who grew up in the early 1970s, there is nothing like the scream of a 3-cylinder 2-stroke on full throttle!!

The Kawasaki H1 Mach III 500 (D) we have on offer here is a fabulously restored example having been imported from America in 2015.  The owner has subsequently been through the bike fastidiously, restoring and replacing pretty much everything that can be improved and it is now in spectacular condition.  Unused since the restoration was completed the bike is now ready to be shown or ridden.

A workshop manual and parts catalogue also accompany the bike as well as a huge history file of invoices for work and parts.

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