MV Agusta 350cc 3-Cylinder Grand Prix by MV Meccanica Verghera

  • MV Agusta 350cc, 3 Cylinder Grand Prix
  • Built by world renowned MV Meccanica Verghera (Kays)
  • Created from factory drawings
  • Almost new condition
  • Perfect entry to IOM Classic and Goodwood

Model History

The Legendary multi-cylinder MV Agusta Grand Prix motorcycles dominated the racing word through the 1950s, ‘60s and early ‘70s making riders such as John Surtees, Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini household names. The early racing success of the MV factory had been achieved with a stunning 4 cylinder 350cc and 500cc machines and a 250cc twin although a huge variety of capacities and models were trialed through these extraordinary years of GP motorcycle racing.

In 1965 Count Domenico Agusta launched the newly signed Giacomo Agostini into the 350cc Championship on his latest model – a 350cc, 3-cylinder machine.  The ‘across-the-frame’ triple had its cylinders inclined forwards some 10 degrees from the vertical.  It also boasted three 28mm Dell’Orto carburetors, a 7 speed gearbox, 18 inch wheels, a 16 litre fuel tank and a 4-cam 240mm drum front brake of immense size and power.  This put out 62.5bhp at 13,500rpm and was capable of reaching 150mph!!  It was almost as fast as the 500cc four cylinder bikes!

Agostini and the MV three made a spectacular GP debut by winning the 350cc West German GP at the Nurburgring in April 1965. This lead to a season long battle with Honda’s Jim Redman for the 1965, 350 World Championship that Ago seemed to have won until his bike failed while in a commanding lead in the final round at Japan, handing the title to Redman.

Agostini and MV would win the 1966 500cc Championship on an enlarged triple the following year, with Honda’s Mike Hailwood taking the 350cc Championship. These results were repeated in 1967. Hailwood’s retirement and Honda’s withdrawal from the sport made Agostini’s task much easier in 1968 and he and MV won all 17 Championship races he contested that year!  He successfully repeated his double 350/500cc title defenses over the next 3 seasons in 1969, 1970 and 1971. The 350cc World Championship he would go on to win 7 years in succession!

This Motorcycle

Grand Prix motorcycles built by MV Agusta in those magical years from the late ‘50s to the early ‘70s are among the most rare and desirable motorcycles on the planet. All surviving examples are held in museums and private collection and only very rarely do they come to market and when they do they are at an understandably high price.

The wonderful bike we offer here was constructed by the world renowned and respected MV Meccanica Verghera that is owned and run by the Kay family. These bikes are built to exacting standard and to anyone who knows these machines they will understand how outstanding these are in their own right.

The bike is a recreation of MV Agusta’s 3-cylinder, 350cc Grand Prix machine in its final 1971 specification.  It was built using factory drawings for exact accuracy and it has a magnesium crankcase, gearbox, timing tunnel and cambox.  The engine capacity is 348.9 cc with a bore and stroke of 56×47.2mm and has a firing order of 1-3-2.  It has 3 Dell’Orto carburetors, electronic ignition and gives out 60bhp at 13,500rpm at the rear wheel.  This is driven through a 5-bolt dry clutch and into a 7-speed gearbox with right foot change.  The bike is stopped via twin front disc bakes and a 2LS rear brake which are perfect for the Classic IOM TT, although a 4 leading shoe drum brake and brand new Ceriani forks also come with it so you can run it at Goodwood in pre ’66 specification.

The bike was completed in 2010 and it has had a sheltered life doing only a hundred miles or so, mainly of parade laps.  The bike was completely stripped and checked by MV Meccanica Verghera in 2019 at which time they reported that the oil came out like new!  The bike has done a further 2 parade sessions but remains in near perfect condition in every way.  This is to all intents and purposes a new bike.  The bike has been started and run up and it fired first push – it sounds utterly glorious as you can imagine.

Please be in touch for further details or to arrange a visit.

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