Petty Manx Norton 350cc Replica

  • Exact replica of #8 Petty Manx Norton 350cc
  • Well prepared and competitive machine
  • Built for Ray Petty’s Grandson
  • Lightweight racing frame
  • Only raced for 6 races so a very fresh machine

Model History

Ray Petty is one of the best known and successful engine tuners and frame builders for Petty Manx Norton Motorcycles. He started out as a rider and won an impressive 11 IOM replicas from 13 rides on the island with a best position of 4th in the 1947 lightweight Manx GP. As good a rider as he undoubtedly was, it was in his later role as a frame builder and engine tuner that he really came to prominence.

Bikes built and tuned by Ray Petty dominated the UK racing scene in the 1960s winning the UK championship no fewer that 5 times from 1962-66 as well as the race of the year on multiple occasions. His bikes figured prominently in the world championships and dominated the domestic racing calendar year after year in both the 350 and 500cc classes. In one season alone, 1966, Petty’s machines recorded no fewer than 43 first places, 31 second places and 30 third places! This is all the more remarkable when you stop to consider that this was all the achievement of one pair of hands!

As well as excellent and detailed engine preparation Ray also designed his own version of the Manx featherbed frame. His redesign used T45 carbon-magnesium steel alloy tubing that be bronze welded making the frame both very strong and very light. It also sat a good inch lower than a standard Manx, keeping it competitive long after the factory bikes had stopped racing.

The last British Championship won by a single cylinder machine was in 1971 on a Petty-tuned Manx and Ray continued this type of development until his death in 1987.

This Motorcycle

This motorcycle we are proud to offer for sale is an exact replica of the lightweight Petty Manx 350cc. This Petty frame kit was acquired by Ray Petty’s family 15 years ago and it was built up to a complete bike around 5 years ago for Ray’s Grandson. The frame houses a 350cc Fred Walmsley built engine, a Mick Hemming gearbox with Manx forks and Fontana front brake with a Manx rear brake. It uses a BNR belt primary drive, has a Smiths ATRC rev counter and comes with both a high and low exhaust systems.

Ray Petty made 10 original lightweight machines to race and 2 for the road – this is an exact copy of the Number 8 bike. Petty Manx bikes are 2 inches lower than a standard Manx so combined with the lighter gauge tubing this will be a competitive machine. This stunning bike has been used only competed in one season of racing (6 races) and the quality of finish to all components is outstanding. The bike is registered with both the CRMC and Lansdowne.

Please get in touch for any further details or to arrange a viewing.

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