• UK delivered RHD example 911 GT3
  • Upgraded to Clubsport Spec
  • Type 996. 360 bhp, 3.6-litre DOHC flat six-cylinder engine
  • Six-speed manual transmission
  • 54,000 miles from new
  • Desirable Black with Black interior example
Following the launch of the 996 (the latest generation of 911), Porsche launched the GT3 – the first 996 variant intended for the racetrack. Its 3.6-litre engine was derived from the GT1, and delivered 360 horsepower at 7,200 rpm. It offered 60 additional horsepower over the base 3.4-litre motor in the standard Carrera, and was also fitted with adjustable suspension and a unique body kit, including a dual-plane rear wing. The interior featured sports seats, whilst some of interior trim was deleted to keep weight down. However, the GT3 tipped the scales at 2,976 pounds, making it 66 pounds heavier than a standard 911 (due to the larger engine and strengthened bodywork).
In 2004 Porsche launched a revised version of the GT3 based on the 2002 996 facelift, which offered new headlights, an upgraded braking setup featuring 6-piston calipers on the front (rears remained 4-piston), and the option of Porsche’s Ceramic Composite Brake system. Horsepower was also raised to 381 and torque to 284 lb⋅ft, 80% of which was available from 2,000 rpm.
Porsche also built a track-only version of the GT3, dubbed the GT3 Clubsport. Only a handful of differences can be noted in comparison to the GT3, including the fitment of a full roll cage and a Nomex-covered driver’s seat with side airbags omitted. Whilst not generally intended for daily driving, this edition is track-ready in every aspect and able to compete in a number of racing series worldwide.
This ‘Comfort Model’ GT3 is in great shape, and is finished in black with a matching black interior. It has been incredibly well maintained since covering 54,000 miles from new. It was purchased from its first owner by a Porsche Club member and then sent to Porsche Colchester for an inspection. Almost everything that needed addressing was looked at, fixed or replaced. The owner had a great deal of work done to the car to upgrade it to Clubsport spec, including a factory roll cage and harnesses, genuine Cup steering wheel and genuine Cup short shifting cables.
After some enjoyment, the owner retired and decided to downsize his collection, with the exception of his prized 356. The GT3 then joined a local collection and has been used sparingly since, with little over a 1000 miles being added to the odometer. Despite this limited use, it has been serviced without concern of the cost.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked of Porsche’s GT3 models, the 996 GT3 in Clubsport spec provides the ideal track-day weapon for someone looking for a back-to-basics 911.

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