• Light Strike Vehicle built for 22 SAS Regiment
  • One of only 6 known in existence
  • Comes with full maintenance manual
  • Perfect for off-road fun or any military collection

The Light Strike Vehicle was produced for the SAS during the lead up to the 1st Gulf war (Operation Granby). The vehicles were rushed into service in the Gulf as an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR). The SAS field-tested the LSVs during their pre-deployment desert mobility training, one of which was destroyed in a collision with a post within the first day of arrival. In total, 22 examples were produced but it is believed only six still exist.

In the end, the Light Strike Vehicle was not quite suitable for its purpose. The suspension was noted as too fragile for the unforgiving terrain, which even broke axles of many Land Rover 110’s. The LSVs cargo capacity was too small for the extended missions the SAS anticipated carrying out in Kuwait and Iraq. The LSVs, then, did not go to war with the A and D Squadron fighting columns.

The LSV was designated by the Military of Defense as the Ground Mobile Weapon Platform (GMWP), and was made from a tubular metal space frame, to which its mechanical components were attached. The vehicle could accommodate 2 soldiers in side-by-side seating. A Vinghog softmount on the roll cage above the passenger station could accommodate a GPMG, HMG, or Milan anti-tank missile launcher. Side storage baskets ran along the sides of the vehicles for stowing stores such as ammo boxes. A spare tire or other stores could be mounted on the bonnet. Sling points on the frame allowed the LSV to be transported by helicopter as an underslung load or secured in the hold of a helicopter.

This particular Light Strike Vehicle remains in excellent condition and represents a fabulous piece of SAS war time history. Today, it could be used at a number of Military shows and events, would be a great fun on a large estate and would certainly turn heads if driven around town!

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