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1975 PORSCHE 911 3.0

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  • 1975 Porsche 911 3.0 for sale 
  • Reportedly the first 911 Carrera 3.0 in the UK
  • Comprehensive recent restoration
  • Short-shift gearbox
  • Electric sunroof, leather interior and stainless exhaust


After being meticulously cared for by its current owner for more than 30 years, with some carefully selected upgrades being applied along the way, this Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 is being offered for sale in exceptional condition.

Having been registered on 11 November 1975 and sold via Dick Lovett Ltd in Swindon, it’s thought that this was the first Carrera 3.0 in the UK. In 1987, it was acquired by Mark Crook, who was clearly an enthusiast because it was the tenth 911 that he’d bought in ten years!

By the time Crook bought it, the Porsche had already received an engine and gearbox rebuild, and it was then sold to its current owner in 1991. He embarked on a long process of restoration and sympathetic upgrades, and the history file includes a selection of photographs showing it being stripped to bare metal in preparation for a respray. 

The interior features upgraded Connolly leather trim, an integrated fire-extinguisher system, a map light, a pair of analogue stopwatches and an electric sunroof. The suspension has been lowered and uprated by marque specialist Steve Holgate, a short-shift kit has been fitted to improve the action of the Type 915 gearbox, and brakes from a later Carrera 3.2 have been installed. 

The specification also includes a front strut brace, upgraded cooling fan, anti-roll bars from a 911 Turbo, lightweight bumper supports, upgraded hydraulic chain tensioners, and a lightweight clutch. The Fuchs alloy wheels have recently been powder-coated and new Pirelli P7 tyres have been fitted, and there is a stainless-steel sports exhaust. 

Everywhere you look – from the interior to the engine bay – this Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 is superbly presented. As it was when it was delivered in 1975, it is finished in silver, and the headlamp surrounds are correctly chrome-plated – only from 1976 onwards were they finished in the same colour as the bodywork. 

As a relatively short-lived model, the Carrera 3.0 was built in much smaller numbers than the subsequent SC and Carrera 3.2, and right-hand-drive UK examples such as this are even rarer. This cherished car’s extensive history file includes invoices going back to the 1980s, with more recent receipts from respected specialists such as Autofarm, and it comes with its original Driver’s Manual and Maintenance Record.


The Porsche 911 has won legions of fans over the course of its 60-year production run thanks to its blend of performance and engineering quality. It has been developed into countless variants and enjoyed huge success in rallying and circuit racing.

Production began in 1964 using the basic template from the earlier 356 – a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine, but now with six cylinders rather than four. The 2+2 layout was also carried over, and the styling was largely the work of ‘Butzi’ Porsche – son of company founder ‘Ferry’ Porsche. 

Development was rapid. In 1967 came the 160bhp 911S, the base-model 110bhp 911T, the limited-run competition-spec 911R, and the option of a Targa roof. In an attempt to tame the on-the-limit handling, the wheelbase was extended in 1969, and from the 1974 model year onwards, the 911’s styling was changed to incorporate the impact bumpers demanded by regulations in North America.

The Carrera 3.0 was introduced in 1975 with an engine that was based on the same aluminium crankcase used in the 930 Turbo. It used K-Jetronic fuel injection and produced 197bhp – a slight drop compared to the outgoing Carrera 2.7, but it countered that with more torque lower down the rev range. 

Buyers could choose between a four- or five-speed manual gearbox, or the clutchless three-speed Sportomatic, while the Sport package added a ‘whaletail’ spoiler, Fuchs alloy wheels, Bilstein dampers and an optional ‘Carrera’ side script. 

Now seen by many as being the model that kick-started the 911’s evolution from a highly focused sports car to a more comfortable and practical machine with a broader appeal, the Carrera 3.0 was offered as a coupé or a Targa, but was built for only two years before being replaced by the SC model. 

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