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Aston Martin Thriving

Aston Martin Thriving

Words by Nigel Bowen-Easely
All Photos copyright The Classic Motor Hub 2024

Over the past fourteen years, my professional journey has been intertwined with Aston Martin, culminating in a five-year tenure as the Heritage Manager at the Newport Pagnell factory. Witnessing numerous cars arriving in states perilously close to scrap and departing three years later as resplendent showpieces has been a remarkable experience. The meticulous disassembly and subsequent rebuild process, demanding thousands of labor hours for each car, underscore the magnitude of this undertaking. In 2018, the fixed cost for this restoration endeavour was £425,000 plus duty.

Cars restored to such a high standard are understandably rare. At The Classic Motor Hub, our task is to evaluate the Aston’s level, uniqueness, and determine its market value. Historical significance, condition, originality, and colour combination are among the factors influencing our assessment.

Classic Aston Martins comprise a substantial portion of our sales, and evaluating these automotive treasures has become second nature at the Hub. Their enduring popularity is easily understood, driven by their timeless aesthetics, commanding presence, and consistent demand, regardless of their price range. Beyond their captivating looks, these classics are known for the relative ease of sourcing parts and the existence of a supportive network for maintenance. Moreover, Aston Martins from around 1959 onwards boast the ability to effortlessly cruise at or above motorway speeds while accommodating passengers and luggage.

Driving a DB5 through the picturesque Cotswolds last summer left an indelible impression on me. The sensory symphony of gear changes, the pop and bang of the overrun, the exhilarating acceleration, the view over the elegant silhouette of the bonnet, the precision of gear shifts, the tactile feel of the car, the warmth emanating through the bulkhead, the creak of the leather, and the subtle glow from numerous dials create an intoxicating combination. It’s a truly magical experience that modern supercars can only dream of replicating.

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Returning to the showroom, our meticulous process involves subjecting all our cars to a thorough 100-point check to identify any apparent issues. While we can offer up to two years of warranty on these cars, this is contingent on them being serviced up to date with no pre-existing faults. Our small workshop handles minor works, and any re-commissioning or major service work is entrusted to a specialist Aston Martin service agent. A detailer adds the finishing touches, concluding a preparation process that, though not swift, is comprehensive.

Owning a classic Aston Martin brings numerous benefits, some of which are universally relevant, while others depend on individual preferences. Beyond their status as investments, these cars appreciate in value over time, especially those produced between the 1950s and 1990s. They are revered as collector’s items, embodying British motoring history and symbolising a blend of automotive passion, investment potential, and prestige. Classic Aston Martins also maintain their value well compared to modern vehicles, establishing them as potential long-term assets. However, beyond financial considerations, I believe these cars offer something far more profound.

Our desire to own one has always been a constant, and in the grand scheme of life’s brevity, the initial investment becomes inconsequential once you’re behind the wheel of one of these beauties. Let’s not forget that these cars will outlast us all. As iconic pieces of British motoring history, they are often likened to works of art, providing a sense of exclusivity and class due to the brand’s cultural significance. In summary, the advantages of owning a classic Aston Martin are diverse, encompassing investment potential, appreciation for British motoring history, and the prestige and exclusivity associated with the brand, all wrapped in a profoundly rewarding driving experience.